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The Secret to Layering Tinted Serum and Concealer Flawlessly
Makeup layering is an art in and of itself. Achieving a flawless application requires prepping the skin properly, then applying products with the right techniques and tools in the most effective order. Jason Hoffman, a makeup artist and VP of artistry and education for Rose Inc's parent company, Amyris, shares four steps for mastering this process using Rose Inc's Skin Enhance Luminous Tinted Serum, a hydrating skin tint that doubles as makeup and skincare, and the brightening and blurring Softlight Luminous Hydrating Concealer.

2. Prep The Skin

A flawless makeup application begins with well-prepped skin — think of it like creating a smooth, blank canvas to work with. Even if you have the best complexion products, flaky skin can ruin a makeup look. For this reason, Hoffman recommends using the Skin Clarifying Alcohol Free Toner to remove dead skin cells on the skin's surface and brighten up the complexion. He suggests following that with the Radiant Reveal Skin Brightening Serum and the Hydration Replenish Microencapsulated Moisturizer. If the skin looks dull or tired, Hoffman will also add more brightening serum again just before applying the tinted serum.

"I love to apply the Softlight Concealer directly after the brightening eye cream," says Hoffman of prepping the undereye area. "This allows the two products to mix slightly, and it adds even more radiance to the concealer."

"...This allows the two products to mix slightly, and it adds even more radiance..."


When using a cream or liquid blush, setting it with a powder blush or translucent powder is key for longevity. In particular, Milan notes that setting with a powder blush will help amplify the pigment and provide more color payoff.

Next, layer the concealer over areas where you want some extra coverage. "Apply to the areas that have discoloration, redness, or undereye issues and blend into the tinted serum," Hoffman says. “If you want to target a specific spot with concealer, let the tinted serum set for a minute. If you want to add a little boost of coverage to the tinted serum, layer them immediately. Either way, they work beautifully together,” says the artist, whosego-to brush here is the Number 4 Dual-Ended Concealer Brush. "I like the flat side for precision work while the fluffy side buffs everything perfectly into place,” he explains.

The end result in Hoffman's words: "What's so fantastic is that you can truly get a full coverage without looking like you have a mask of foundation."