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A Day In the Life of Beauty Exec & Makeup Artist Jason Hoffman

“I wear a lot of hats,” Jason Hoffman explains. “Some days are filled with back-to-back meetings on anything from packaging colors to mascara development and the metaverse, while other days I'm on set doing makeup for a photoshoot or live shopping events and pop-ups. Sometimes I’ll also travel to labs and work with the chemists on shade development.”

Since starting in November as the Vice President of Beauty and Product Experience at Amyris, Rose Inc’s parent company, Hoffman has been keeping very busy. And if he looks familiar, that’s because he hosted Rose Inc’s first live shopping event. “It’s a bit like riding a wild horse where anything can happen. You have to hold on and get to the finish line,” Hoffman says of the rush he gets from public speaking. “It’s more exciting than scary.”

Hoffman also makes sure he finds ways to stay inspired throughout the day. “My desktop faces a window so I can see a bit of NYC’s nature,” he says. is at-home desk and product workstation is filled with hundreds of product submissions, magazine clippings, brushes, mirrors, ring lights and a dry-erase board where Hoffman tracks his to-do list.

For the second installment of our Day In the Life series, Hoffman breaks down a typical workday, including how he finds balance via self-care throughout his busy schedule. 


11:00 a.m.: I try to go to the gym daily and this has become my ideal time to go. 

12:00 p.m.: By noon I am ravenous. I have lunch with my husband, Josh, who also works at home. We eat at our dining room table together every day and watch the news. 

12:30 p.m.: Today is all about meetings. I try not to stay seated for more than two to three hours so I take a break by walking Goldie. This helps to keep my mind moving. I also try to do cryotherapy or an infrared sauna session twice a week. I’m very lucky to have a rejuvenation clinic on my block.

“...other days I'm on set doing makeup for a photoshoot or live shopping events and pop-ups. Sometimes I’ll also travel to labs and work with the chemists on shade development.”

By Of Becoming Us
By Of Becoming Us

4:05 p.m.: My brain starts to tire around 4 p.m. I get into the product closet and start to play with formulas and shades while flipping through fashion and beauty magazines. So important for maintaining creative inspiration! 

5:30 p.m.: We go to the dog park and let Goldie play with her pals. We try to do this for 30 minutes every day.

By James Bee

“I remember when I first started working at the makeup counter, people would try lipstick and smudge shadows on each other and either laugh at the absurdity or delight in the fabulousness.”

By James Bee

Focus With Jason Hoffman

From kicking off Rose Inc’s first live shopping event to doing makeup on set, it’s safe to say that beauty executive and makeup artist Jason Hoffman has been keeping busy. The key to his success lies in finding balance where he can  the workweek through daily walks, sauna sessions and the perfect playlist to inspire productivity.

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