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Hairstylist Nigella Miller on Staying True to Herself & the Magic of a Wash-Day Routine

For celebrity hairstylist and barber, Nigella Miller, self-expression through hair has allowed her to celebrate different aspects of her personality. A green bob makes her feel chic and edgy, while braids bring out her more free-spirited side. 

“I always make time to be true to myself and my art,” the 17-year industry veteran says. Miller’s own multi-faceted looks complement the creative styles she bestows upon clients like ChloexHalle and Jhene Aiko, and crafts for brands such as Parade and i-D. To top it off, Miller also makes a line of gilded hair jewelry called Afra. “Being able to show my work through different mediums is what’s most important to me as an artist,” she says. 

Below, Miller goes into detail about her beauty and wellness routines, from a soul-uplifting wash-day routine to her double-cleansing nightly ritual, that keep the artist afloat during busy times. “Creating a schedule for me-time is so important for your mental health, especially when you have multiple businesses like me,” Miller says. “A lot of artists create a schedule for their work, but forget to do it for self-care. I don’t care what’s going on, I won’t sacrifice a day off for anything that doesn’t serve me, and I’m staying true to that.”  

“Healthy ingredients, sustainability and intention are how I live.”

Wash Day With Nigella Miller

For celebrity hairstylist Nigella Miller, self-care looks like indulgent wash-day rituals, taking breaks from work and double-cleansing each night. Her playlist,  filled with soul-rejuvenating Afrobeats, dancehall and ’90s R&B, doesn’t hurt either. Read more here on

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