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Everything You Need to Know About Skincare Hero Pink Clay
Rose Inc explores the key benefits of the mineral-rich ingredient.
For many of us, clay masks served as a point of entry to our earliest skincare endeavors. Of all the old school remedies promising to flatten pimples , absorb excess oil, and otherwise quell our perceived skin woes, clay has topped the list for ages. Not only has the ingredient held strong as an accessible option available at numerous price points, but its use actually predates modern skincare altogether. This tidbit, along with decades of testimonials praising its efficacy, are just a couple of reasons its remained a go-to skin remedy to this day.

Even though clay’s healing properties are widely accepted and well-documented in the skincare community, conversations around skin barrier protection and a general skincare trend shift toward glow-inducing hydration have no doubt had a marked effect on the ways in which we work different kinds of clay into our routines. Going to great lengths to coax impurities out of our skin, even to the point of dehydration or inflammation, is officially out. Nowadays, a gentler approach is the more popular option, which might explain the rise in more mild cleansers and the fast-growing popularity of ingredients like hyaluronic acid .

That doesn’t mean clay is going anywhere, though, and this shift toward less severe forms of skin purification has lent itself to the rise of a different kind of detoxifyer. Enter: pink clay, the milder skincare clay featured in Rose Inc’s brand new Skin Resolution Clarifying Toner .

So, how is pink clay different than kaolin, bentonite, and other popular clays on the market? To help shed some light on the topic, we called on an expert to explain what the ingredient is, its top benefits, and which skin types its most suitable for.

“Pink clay contains a high iron mineral content, making it great for clarifying and brightening.”

What skin types are best suited for pink clay?

Since pink clay is milder than some of its more intense counterparts, it’s appropriate for all skin types. Kizovski adds that it’s particularly great for dry skin types that might be too sensitive for other clays.

What kinds of skincare formulations can best utilize pink clay?

Since clay’s main function is to clarify and detox the skin, they’re commonly found in products that do just that -- cleanse. Kizovski says this includes your typical cleansers and face washes, masks, and toners. “These formulations really highlight the benefits of the clay,” she says.
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