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Achieve Shine-Free, Glowing Skin on Sweltering Days With This Expert Protocol
For celebrity makeup artist Neil Scibelli, whose clients include model Elle Macpherson and actor Dascha Polanco, rising summer temperatures and increased humidity can be tackled with new techniques and strategic product swaps. For example, achieving radiant skin on sweltering days is best achieved using powder under an illuminating, lightweight base — not the other way around — which allows for a sheer finish that both boosts glow and tempers shine. Below, he shares top tricks and formula swaps to avoid some of the biggest seasonal makeup mistakes.

Apply bronzer to your neck

After enjoying some fun in the sun, you may be sporting a bronzier, more tan complexion. If so, it’s time to find a new foundation or tinted moisturizer shade that better suits your summer skin tone. Once you’ve determined a new shade, be sure to blend it down your neck. "During the summer months, when we're accentuating our tans, it's easy to concentrate on the face and forget the neck," Scibelli says. "Be sure to match your foundation shade by swiping the product along the jawline and see if it's easily blendable into the neck.” You can also create an easier transition from the jawline by blending bronzer down the neck and décolleté using a big, fluffy brush for an even, sun-kissed look, Scibelli adds.

“For a more lifted contour, bring the shade from the center of the ear towards the bottom of the nostril”

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