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Do Eyebrows Grow Back? Here’s What A Derm Has to Say

If you've been the proud owner of a set of tweezers since you were a teenager, it’s likely that you’ve over-groomed your brows at some point. Or, perhaps a brow artist left you with thinner arches than you’d hoped for. Whatever the scenario, you’re left pondering one big, pressing question: Do eyebrows grow back? We speed-dialed board-certified dermatologist Dr. Jessie Cheung, who has practices in both Chicago and New York,  for the answer.

Keep reading for common causes of brow loss, Dr. Cheung’s tips for restoring your brows to their former glory and advice from New York-based celebrity brow artist Joey Healy on how to cover up sparse brows with makeup in the meantime.

“...the average growth cycle from a resting to active follicle is three to four months.”

By Lena Herrmann

3. Use Topical Hair Growth Products

Incorporating products that support hair growth such as oils, peptide serums and even Rogaine can also help brows grow back. These types of products, Dr. Cheung explains, help counter hair follicle shrinkage, support hair metabolism, and speed up the hair growth cycle. Dr. Cheung points to Latisse and TaC Daily Lash & Brow Growth Complex as her personal preferences for keeping her brows and lashes healthy. Healy echoes the value of using a brow growth serum full of peptides. “A serum will really step up your game, specifically in the growing-out process,” he says.

That said, Cheung notes that if you stop using these products, regrowth will slow down and you may even notice shedding as you return to your baseline. 

“When you’re stressed out, your body goes into a protective mode and shunts energy away from non-vital activities such as hair growth.”

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