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Ask Mimi: What Does Epidermal Growth Factor Mean?

Makeup looks best layered over hydrated skin and lips, so the Rose Inc team has been working hard at creating your new go-to balm. Rose Inc's new Lip Treatment Hydrating Lip Balm is packed with unique ingredients such as collagen-building, plant-based Epidermal Growth Factor (plant-EGF). “This product does help with hydration. But beyond that, it offers an easy-to-use format and addresses the concern people have with loss of volume over time,” says Mimi Lu, Rose Inc’s VP of New Product Development. “What people end up experiencing is not only more moisture, but also restored pillowy-soft lips.”

Below, Lu goes into detail about how plant-EGF stimulates hydration, plumpness and more in our new Lip Treatment Hydrating Lip Balm.

"What people end up experiencing is not only more moisture, but also restored, pillowy-soft lips."

What is EGF skincare?

We like to ensure [an ingredient] is multi-benefit and provides immediate benefits you can see in addition to the long-term benefits achieved through our use of powerful, active ingredients. Specifically to the application of the Lip Treatment, users will notice an immediate feeling of hydration (coming from our squalane), along with a plush and glossy finish. The long-term benefits of the plant-EGF will help restore a pillowy bounce to lips, in addition to helping improve lip texture.