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5 Essential Practices for Exquisite Eyebrows, According to Emily Illingworth


Fluffy, bushy eyebrows have taken center stage as the world’s most beloved brow style, but, truth be told, achieving the look isn’t always as easy as brushing a few hairs into place. For London-based eyebrow artist Emily Illingworth , helping clients attain the brows of their dreams is a passion. A quick scroll through her Instagram feed turns up countless examples of the most gorgeous and effortlessly chic styles from tousled and feathered to bold and slick. But, how do we achieve these popular looks at home? According to Illingworth, it starts with perspective. “Brows, for me, are about enhancing your natural beauty,” she tells Rose Inc.

From the key maintenance checkpoints to the cleansing protocol that encourages the most growth, Illingworth shares all her expert tips for world-class brows here.
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“Brows, for me, are about enhancing your natural beauty.”

Practice 3: Tweeze Conservatively

Perhaps her most emphasized brow care lesson, Illingworth believes that tweezing should be done sparingly. “You can get so easily carried away tweezing at home and as a result lose the shape and focus of the brow.” The takeaway? Leave the heavy lifting to the professionals. Between appointments, though, she advises using a spoolie brush or tinted brow gel to keep your brows looking well-groomed. “If you absolutely must tweeze, tweeze below the brow bone to maintain shape,” she implores.

"Perfect brows take time. It all comes down to maintenance and caring for your brows with a minimal but effective routine.”

Practice 5: Be Patient

“Perfect brows take time. It all comes down to maintenance and caring for your brows with a minimal but effective routine,” says Illingworth. She explains that the typical hair growth cycle is between six and eight weeks long and can vary from person to person. Eyebrow hair that grows in patchy, in unwanted areas or over a longer cycle is no cause for alarm. “Don’t get discouraged. With a tailored brow routine and nighttime treatments, you will certainly see a difference over time,” she adds.

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