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The Profile: Bella Thomas

Everybody has a story about beauty. And in The Profile, a new evolution of Rose Inc.’s Go-See feature, some of the world’s most intriguing people share theirs. In this intimate interview series, we get (virtually) up close and personal to explore their definitions of beauty, path to self-confidence, and the power of femininity. Featuring imagery shot through their own lens, The Profile presents these compelling personalities in a new light—one that illuminates their own journey, dreams, and desires while highlighting their unique relationship with beauty.


At what point do Instagram posts become art? Arguably, when a stream of squares advances beyond still life to show movement and simplicity, evoke emotion, and reflect honestly back on the viewer. Few content creators prove this theory quite like Bella Thomas. The Sydney-based model and emerging creative director takes artistic inspiration from contemporary dance and pilates to capture images that swell with fluidity while keeping her subject—be it herself, others, or a bullet of lipstick—stripped of pomp.

“I don't want to sell a product by just taking a photo of it—even if the item is beautiful,” Thomas says. “Instead, I think of the most incredible, high-level thing I can do, then bring it back down to its most simplistic beauty. I love giving a new perspective on the little, everyday things that are often overlooked.”

Thomas’ ability to amplify natural beauty is one that extends to everything she touches, from self-care and nutrition to projects like with__form, a homespun ceramics capsule collection. See how the model lends artistic form to everything, from comfort dressing to off-duty makeup, ahead.

“Fitness has always been a part of my life, but it's definitely hard to find the motivation…”

By Adrian Martin
By Adrian Martin

“I've been a lot easier on myself because I recognize that I've been way more in tune with my body in general ...”

By Adrian Martin

“We'd try them on and feel beautiful, and do a fashion show for our parents.”

By Adrian Martin
By Adrian Martin

“Limited phone time on the weekend is huge, because I'm so plugged in during the week ...”

Flow With Natalie Holloway

Bala co-founder Natalie Holloway believes fitness should be fun and approachable. Wearing the brand’s signature ankle and wrist weights for yoga or walking her dog are just some of the ways Holloway gets her workouts in during the day, and a go-to playlist helps sustain the good vibes along the way.

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