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The Profile: Sarah Feingold
Everybody has a story about beauty. And in The Profile, a new evolution of Rose Inc.’s Go-See feature, some of the world’s most intriguing people share theirs. In this intimate interview series, we get (virtually) up close and personal to explore their definitions of beauty, path to self-confidence, and the power of femininity. Featuring imagery shot through their own lens, The Profile presents these compelling personalities in a new light—one that illuminates their own journey, dreams, and desires while highlighting their unique relationship with beauty.

Sarah Feingold can easily be described as a modern day muse. From the visuals she creates for Instagram to the progressive digital magazine she founded, everything she sends into the world comes with a ‘90s-meet-futuristic twist that’s both reminiscent and striking. In a sea of sameness online, she inhabits a unique space—the bedrock of a modern muse.

As Moroccan and German, but based in New York, Feingold’s background fuels the passion she brings to No Basic Girls Allowed, or NBGA, an online fashion and culture magazine backed by Vice Media Group and centered around self-expression, beauty, and storytelling for individuals who feel unheard and underrepresented. “NBGA is where you come when you’re not quite relating to anything else,” Feingold says. “We try our best as a magazine to put out something for everybody because we are everybody.” She describes her team as diverse and global, authentic and young, and, most importantly, focused on women.

It’s easy to lose yourself in Feingold’s deeply-creative Instagram feed as well. Though she toggles between publishing and modeling, her clients for the latter run the beauty gamut, from Dior to Glossier to Revlon. Her content is a lot of things, but perhaps best described as captivating.

“I’m inspired by little details within my everyday life,” she says. “I daydream and lose focus, which I love because when I allow myself to dream and just float around mentally, I always find something interesting in the most unexpected places.” Currently social distancing in New York City, Feingold shares a glimpse into her new life in the States with Rose Inc.

"I’m human, so it’s not every morning, but when it happens, I feel unstoppable."

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