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Roxie Nafousi on Mental Health, Manifesting and the Moisturizer She’s Used for a Decade


The mainstream discourse around manifesting is changing. A decade ago, a mention of the term was more likely to engender confused stares (and maybe some eye rolls) than genuine interest. But these days, you can’t even scroll TikTok or Instagram for more than a minute or two before stumbling upon a creator sharing an affirmation or endorsement of the practice. If you ask London-based personal development coach and manifesting expert Roxie Nafousi , it can actually change your life. By her own account, she’s living proof. “I mean this in as humble a way as possible, but the success that I've had is a short space of time and the transformation in my life does feel like a miracle in many ways,” she said in a recent interview with Rose Inc. “I know it's all manifesting in action. I'm here to show everyone that a transformation is possible for us all and you really can make your dreams come true.”

But Nafousi’s journey hasn’t always been easy. From the start of her career as a beauty and lifestyle influencer, she’s been open with her tens of thousands of Instagram followers about her battles with depression and other mental health struggles. At the end of the day, though, true healing requires self-love and gratitude. She writes about this and more in her forthcoming book, Manifest: 7 Steps to Living Your Best Life, which comes out in January of next year. Before and even during her journey to achieve all this success there have been countless lessons in beauty, wellness, mental health and self-love. Ahead, Nafousi shares it all in her own words.

"I'm here to show everyone that a transformation is possible for us all and you really can make your dreams come true."

"I knew no matter what I wanted to help people—that was non-negotiable. That was always in me."

"I was so grateful to be pregnant, but the mental prison that you're in [when you suffer from depression] is not something you can control."

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