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7 Women Reflect on the Past Year

A lot can happen in a year. 365 days of life experience and growth can result in a reality that looks totally different than it did the year before. Rose Inc was born as a content site in 2018, but this week marks just one year since our first product launch. In that time we’ve launched science-backed, clean, non-comedogenic makeup and skincare in retailers all over the world like Sephora, SpaceNK, Liberty of London and Mecca and earned dozens of beauty awards from publications like Byrdie, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar for our most beloved products like Cream Blush and TikTok-famous Tinted Serum.

But we’re not the only ones who’ve had a transformative year. The Rose Inc community, a mighty force of women spanning STEM and creative fields, has collectively achieved some major accomplishments. As you scroll, you may recognize their faces as the inaugural models for the brand — the women who helped usher Rose Inc into the world. One year since then, we are excited to check in with a few of them to discover what they’ve been up to professionally and personally.

Keep scrolling for updates from seven women from our very first campaign on how their lives have changed over the last year.

“Remember, the only woman you are competing with is the woman you were yesterday.”

— MaryAnn Elizabeth

“...our lives are way too valuable to exist on earth and not do the things that our hearts desire. The possibilities are endless….”

— Folasade Adeoso

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