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Stylist Reva Bhatt on Inspiration, Beauty Standards & More

There are certain people who make us wonder how they get it all done in a day. Stylist, creative director and brand consultant Reva Bhatt is one of them. “The beauty of the work I do lies in having agency to explore different mediums based on how I’m feeling,” the LA- and New York City-based creative explains. “The community I’ve been able to build through art is also one of my favorite aspects of what I do.” This community consists of styling for soul singer Raveena – who recently graced the cover of Gay Times – and Kulfi Beauty, a beauty line that celebrates South Asian beauty and is available in Sephora right alongside Rose Inc. Most recently, Bhatt launched Rooted, an international event series for South Asian creatives and innovators to celebrate and further enrich their community.

Bhatt also offers up style and beauty inspiration on her own social pages, from a lime green shoulder bag to royal blue eyeliner and sculpture-inspired nail art. “My mother and Bollywood had the biggest beauty influences on me,” she says. “Of course I feel beautiful when my ‘fit goes off with a sickening hair and makeup look,” Bhatt expresses. “But other times, I feel most beautiful when I’m at home by myself in an oversized button down, no makeup, with my favorite body oil and fragrance on.”

Below, Bhatt elaborates on her biggest beauty inspirations, her go-to wellness routine and how she defines beauty.

By Marielle Sales

“Whenever I see an older South Asian woman with all grays, a big bindi and heavy kajal — I think that’s going to be me!”

By Marielle Sales

“...when I cut my hair into a high-top fade…It was definitely a big middle finger to South Asian beauty standards...”

By Marielle Sales

“Beauty to me looks like someone that works on themselves every day to be the best version of themself.”

Get Ready With Reva Bhatt

If you follow singer, Raveena, or beauty brand, Kulfi Beauty, you’ve probably seen Reva Bhatt’s vibrant styling work. When the bicoastal creative isn’t working, she’s providing colorful style inspiration on Instagram and making time for self-care with a good book and home-cooked meals.

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