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Annya Santana Wants to Create ‘Generational Wellness’

Whether it’s through her modern lifestyle platform Hood Health, or skincare brand Menos Mas, Annya Santana is on a mission to expand and diversify the world of wellness. “I believe that wellness definitely involves the physical aspect, but it’s also very internal,” the Dominican Republic-born, Bronx-raised entrepreneur tells Rose Inc from her Paris apartment. “I hope that my platform will be a place for all things wellness through the lens of Black and brown people, as I feel we’ve been excluded from the industry.”

In her quest to create, as she puts it, “generational wellness,” Santana isn’t allowing anything to stop her, brain surgery included. Last December, she received surgery to remove a benign tumor at the base of her brain. In true Santana fashion, she embodied strength and determination throughout the process, going from re-learning how to walk, to doing her inspiring workouts and runs again. “I definitely have a deeper appreciation for my body. I discovered how strong my body truly is,” Santana says. “I’m really adamant about not speaking ill about my body these days. I try not to pick it apart. I remind myself my body literally brought me back to life and so I’m focusing on being more grateful.”

Below, Santana goes into detail about finding her confidence, healing post surgery, and the wellness lifestyle that keeps her balanced, from DIY hair masks to soul-enriching time with friends.

By Lena Herrmann

"It took me a long time to find my go-to scent..."

“I’m really adamant about not speaking ill about my body these days...I’m focusing on being more grateful.”

By Lena Herrmann

"I did it all growing up. I dyed my hair, chopped it and fried it...I always come back to simplicity."

Do Your Wellness Routine With Annya Santana

Through her businesses Hood Health and Menos Mas, Annya Santana is on a mission to help people make wellness a lifestyle. And post brain surgery, she’s even more adamant about practicing what she preaches. From making DIY masks to soul-enriching time with friends, here's her relaxing playlist.

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