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    Everybody has a story about beauty. Some of the world’s most intriguing people share theirs.
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Alexis Foreman Spills Her Healthy Glow Secrets

Alexis Foreman wears many hats: Art director, style curator, creative consultant, model and boy mom—just to name a few. “It can be all-consuming,” she says. “But overall, my work is really enjoyable. It’s all the things that I love.” Born in South Africa and based in Brighton, England, her background in graphic design, plus the digital prowess she gained running her longtime blog, Style Memos, make Foreman a true creative multi-hyphenate.

Today, polished outfits, skincare tips and minimal makeup looks fill Foreman's feed, but her love of beauty started young. “My aunt was my biggest beauty and style inspiration growing up,” Foreman explains. “She's just very cool and always dressed really well. I remember she would always wear this bright orange lipstick and it looked so good with her pure white hair. Later in life, I started wearing a lot of red-orange lipsticks every single day.”

And speaking of family, Foreman shares how hers, and their shared spirituality, have had a huge impact on her self-confidence. Still, beyond her strong support system, self-care and proper rest has been crucial to avoid burnout. She spills all the wellness and self-care details that keep her powering through, from ashwagandha to phone breaks, ahead.

“...she would always wear this bright orange lipstick and it looked so good with her pure white hair. Later in life, I started wearing a lot of red-orange lipsticks…”

“I would love to see the industry spotlight a bit more people who are aging…”

A Night Out with Alexis Foreman

To say art director, style curator and creative consultant, Alexis Foreman, has a packed schedule is an understatement. She shares how she stays afloat via prayer, family time and getting ready to this house-inspired playlist before a night out. Read more here:

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