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How to Hydrate Lips Like a Skincare Pro

Lip care is an essential part of our skincare routine, and one that is all too often overlooked. While a regular retinue of moisturizers, facial serums and exfoliators are a daily part of our facial care, the skin on our lips is just as deserving of attention if not more so. The reason? This surface is actually more delicate and thin than anywhere else on our bodies because it doesn’t produce the natural oils that keep the rest of our skin moisturized and supple. This means our lips are more susceptible to dryness and vulnerable to environmental stressors, making regular hydration key. 

To understand how our lips are different to the skin elsewhere on our face and how to care for them, we turned to dermatologist Dr. Paula E. Bourelly for some expert insight and advice. “A healthy lip has a dry surface called the vermillion, which is the outside surface area of the lip visible with a closed mouth; and a wet surface, known as the mucosal surface which is the soft, moist side of the lip,” explains Dr Bourelly. “When people complain of chapped lips, they are referring to a tight, dry, peeling and sometimes cracking of the outer part of the lip.”

“Less is more and fewer chemicals are always better.”

“Lip skin, like all skin, serves as a barrier to outside elements.”

"A consistent lip care routine that focuses on hydration is essential for maintaining healthy, soft and supple lips."

"Lip care for healthy, normal lips focuses on lubrication to offset dryness from normal wear and tear, and cosmetic products."

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