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An Ophthalmologist's Guide to Wearing Makeup with Sensitive Eyes
Having sensitive eyes, which often includes symptoms like redness, itchiness and irritation, is zero fun. Then you add in eye makeup and things get even trickier. "Eye irritation is extremely common and can be exacerbated by the products we use around our eyes," says Dr. Ashley Brissette, an ophthalmologist based in New York City. But as long as you follow some best practices for sensitive eyes, including choosing the right products and ingredients and cleansing properly, reaction-free eye makeup is just a few steps away. Below, Dr. Brissette shares the best practices for sensitive eyes.

“The eyelid skin is 10 times [thinner] than the skin elsewhere on your face, and it's very prone to show any small amounts of swelling and redness or irritation.”

Use Cream-Based Eyeshadows

When possible, opt for cream-based eyeshadowss. "It is less likely for the particles to flake off and find their way into the eyes, which can happen with a lot of powder-based products," Dr. Brissette says. "I often see a lot of makeup debris that migrates into the eyes leading to irritation and redness."

"Makeup and skincare doesn't need to be regulated the same way that other products do, and so ingredients don't need to be tested as stringently.”

Put Contacts In First

If you wear contacts, there are some best practices Dr. Brissette recommends following to avoid irritation. Put the contacts in before applying your makeup. This prevents makeup particles from getting trapped under the contacts. When it's time to take your makeup off, remove the contacts first and then wash off the eye makeup to avoid getting particles trapped between the eyes and the lenses.

Furthermore, Dr. Brissette suggests using daily disposable lenses if possible. "They have the least risk of infection associated with them," she says. Or, as a more long-term solution, you could consider laser eye surgery. "It's effective, safe, and you don't have to bother with using contacts."

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