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How to Transform an Oily Complexion From Shiny to Glowy
If you've ever soaked a blotting sheet or incessantly touched up your makeup with powder throughout the day, you know the struggle that is trying to control oily skin. Not only can oily skin make your makeup look greasy and shiny, but that excess oil can also clog pores and lead to breakouts. Thankfully, there are skincare and makeup tricks you can implement to control oily skin and get rid of the shine when it appears — without messing up your makeup. Add these six oily skin best practices to your regimen.

Use a blotting sheet

Keep some blotting sheets in your bag if you're prone to getting oily while you're out and about. Blotting sheets don't provide any additional coverage as a powder does, but they will eliminate the unwanted shine. No blotting sheets? No problem. In a pinch, Brock recommends taking a sheet of two-ply paper towel and separating the layers; use a single one to dab the oily areas of the face lightly.

"A makeup sponge or powder puff are other handy tools that can help absorb any excess oil."

Use a sponge to absorb oil

A makeup sponge or powder puff are other handy tools that can help absorb any excess oil. Like blotting sheets, they can tone down the unwanted oil. Brock instructs tapping only oily areas with the sponge to ensure the rest of your makeup stays intact.

Spritz a mattifying makeup-setting spray

Here’s an advanced oily skin makeup trick you may not have heard of before: Primers are not just for prepping the skin. Brock says you can use a mattifying primer to touch up throughout the day, too. "Apply a small amount of primer in your fingertips, rub your hands together and lightly press your fingertips in your oily spots,” he says. “This will keep oil at bay.” 

Specifically, look for a mattifying primer that is water-based. “Water being the first ingredient is always a clear sign that it won’t dry out your skin,” Brock says. Dimethicone is another common ingredient in primers he suggests looking for because it helps smooth and mattify the skin’s appearance.

"Apply a small amount of primer in your fingertips, rub your hands together and lightly press your fingertips in your oily spots.”

Double down on sun protection

Makeup-setting spray is typically applied right after your makeup to lock everything in place. However, Brock says you can also reach for your setting spray — a mattifying one, in particular — while you're on the go and want to tone down oiliness. "Spray a few times and let it do the work," he says. You’ll know it’s a mattifying setting spray if it mentions oil control, which means it’ll help cut down on shine and provide a matte finish. 

As for finding the best mattifying spray for your skin, it comes down to trial and error. “My recommendation is to try a few different sprays from your favorite makeup retailer and let them sit on the skin for a few minutes and see how you like the feel,” Brock says.

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