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How Top Skin Pros Reduce Puffy Eyes at Home

Even though it’s getting late, you’re glued to the latest Netflix show and can’t seem to turn off the television. We’ve all been there — and experienced the puffy eyes that often ensue the next morning. Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Courtney Rubin explains that puffy eyes are essentially fluid retention in the delicate surrounding tissue and multiple factors can be at play, including genetics, salt intake, stress, crying and even your sleep position. Thankfully, we can make skincare and lifestyle tweaks to help prevent puffiness from showing up and treat it when it does.

Ahead, Dr. Rubin and medical aesthetician Candace Marino chime in with their best tips for reducing puffiness at home, including not-so-obvious ones, too. 

“The application of cold to skin causes the underlying blood vessels to contract, delivering less fluid to the tissue and leading to an immediate tightening effect.”

Sleep on an extra pillow

Consider sleeping on an extra pillow. Why? Dr. Rubin says sleeping at a slightly more elevated angle allows gravity to encourage lymphatic drainage from the face while you sleep, helping reduce morning puffiness.

Cut back on salt

Dr. Rubin also explains that consuming excessive salt during the day can also lead to fluid retention, which results in feeling and looking more bloated, eye area included. 

“Getting adequate sleep is the key to all things health and beauty.”

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