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How Vogue's Christian Allaire Celebrates His Indigenous Heritage Through Fashion

Christian Allaire, who you may know as Vogue’s fashion and style writer, has been captivated by the power of fashion since childhood. Growing up in Northern Ontario, Canada, “I remember watching my sister wear jingle dresses,” a traditional, Indigenous style of dress and dance, “and dance at our powwows,” the New York-based writer tells Rose Inc. “Seeing this definitely got me interested in fashion." The fascination grew from there. “Eventually, I started reading Vogue,” he says, adding that it coincided with his passion for perfecting his runway walk around the house. “[My parents have] always joked that I'm adopted because I had interests that were so foreign to my whole family,” he says with a laugh. 

Today, Allaire’s work runs the gamut, from documenting Rihanna’s style evolution and in-depth interviews with celebs like The Little Mermaid’s Halle Bailey, to articles celebrating Indigenous beadworkers and fashion exhibits highlighting contemporary Indigenous design. He also uses his personal platform to champion his Ojibwe heritage. “Growing up, I didn’t always see my culture represented in fashion,” he says. A recent passion project includes his 2021 book, “The Power of Style,” which serves as a reminder to young people that they, along with their cultures, have an important place in the world of fashion. “Being in fashion, I obviously love looking at pretty clothes,” he says. "But I think connecting with people, opening minds and telling stories is what’s most important to me.” 

Below, Allaire opens up about what Indigenous Peoples' Day means to him and how he celebrates his heritage through fashion. 

“I was inspired to create a book that encourages children to see themselves in the industry and know that their cultures are beautiful.”

By Christian Allaire

“I think it's a great day for people to think about how they can support Indigenous artists all the time.”

By Christian Allaire

“I feel confident and beautiful when I’m fully decked out in an Indigenous outfit.”

By Christian Allaire
By Christian Allaire

“...all of the different colors and ribbons symbolize something unique. That’s when I understood that fashion is more than just about aesthetics.”

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