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6 Pro Secrets To Shape & Style Your Eyebrows At Home

Few things hold as much expressive power on the face as the eyebrows, which is why grooming them requires a special type of beauty reverence. When it comes to brow products, there’s nothing a swipe of makeup remover can’t undo, but eyebrow shaping is serious beauty business, so we’re touching on both in our pro guide ahead. Learn how to shape your eyebrows at home thanks to six unbeatable tips from brow artist Joey Healy and celebrity makeup artist Gita Bass in our foolproof guide. 

How To Shape Eyebrows At Home with Six Easy Steps

“Avoid things that are super trend-driven and stick to what’s classic and natural. Your brows will thank you for it.”

3. Focus on tweezing the perimeter only

Eyebrows frame the face, so each hair should be carefully considered when tweezing. To lightly shape your brows at home, first allow them several weeks to grow out, then Healy strongly recommends using tweezers over other at-home hair removal methods such as waxing or threading. The reason, he explains, is because you have more control with tweezers since you’re removing one hair at a time and are less likely to overdo it.

That said, Healy warns against trying to mimic professional shaping, which is a common mistake people make when learning how to shape their own eyebrows. “Only take care of the big perimeter,” he advises. That means only removing the hairs well outside the eyebrow shape, such as near the bridge of the nose, the eyelid, or the forehead.

If you’re ever unsure about whether a hair qualifies as being outside of the eyebrow shape’s perimeter, he recommends erring on the side of caution. As you’re working slowly and with caution with your tweezers, Healy also advises looking to see if the eyebrows are equal distance, level, end at the same point, and arch two-thirds of the way out.

“If you have a very angular face, try rounding out your brow a little to add some softness, whilst a rounder face looks better with a more angular brow.”

6. Fill in your shape with makeup

Whether your brows are bushy or sparse, they can be enhanced with the magic of brow makeup. It starts with choosing the right shade and it doesn’t necessarily have to match your hair color. “For darker brows, I like to go a shade lighter to avoid the brow looking too severe,” Bass says. “And for lighter brows, a shade darker can help them stand out.”

Also, keep your face shape in mind as you’re shaping your brows with makeup. “If you have a very angular face, try rounding out your brow a little to add some softness, whilst a rounder face looks better with a more angular brow,” Bass says. Or, to create the most natural-looking brow shape, Bass recommends sticking to your actual shape and filling in where needed. 

“I would avoid trends like brow lamination because it can be damaging to the brow hair.”

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