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Artist in Residency: Gucci Westman’s Ode To Iman

Artist in Residency: Gucci Westman’s Ode To Iman

Gucci Westman lives in a place between two worlds: New York fashion and Hollywood celebrity; makeup artist and cosmetics designer; beauty’s old guard and new. With more than two decades in the industry—and a CV that’s a who’s who of publishing, runway, and entertainment—finding inspiration for a four-part beauty shoot undoubtedly strikes a thoughtful juxtaposition.

After seeing Jamaican model Tsheca White for the first time, Westman knew what she wanted to channel: The classic glamour of iconic women from various decades, executed with modern finishes. “What I love about each one of these looks is that they’re fast,” says the artist. “I wanted people to feel the approachability.”

It’s Westman’s unique POV and her own line of clever, multi-tasking products—Westman Atelier—that converted mainstay looks, like bright red lips and smoky eyes, into inspiration fit for 2020. For these reasons and more, Rose Inc. is delighted to feature Westman as this month’s Artist in Residency.

Her Residency Inspiration:

Stars rarely earn single-name recognition for being just a pretty face. From Cleopatra to Cher, there’s a class of icons with the right mix of characteristics that make them immune to cultural ad nauseam. Westman called upon one of the most famous mononymous models for her third week in residency: Iman.

“I always think of her with beautiful dark red lips,” Westman muses. “The contrast with her skin is so beautiful.” Achieving the rich, sophisticated depth of Iman’s signature crimson requires more than a single shade, so Westman used a classic industry secret that’s, believe it or not, incredibly easy to pull off at home.

Behind This Look:

Westman started by spot-correcting any unevenness and building light definition with the same foundation duo used in the first looks, then brightened Tsheca’s complexion by patting Westman Atelier’s Baby Cheeks Blush Stick in Poppet on the apples of her cheeks. While the end result for this look is more smoldering than sweet, vibrant blush is a powerful way to keep the skin glowing against dark makeup.


I love the simplicity of a glossy, dark lip


After defining Tsheca’s brows up with Tom Ford’s Brow Sculptor Pencil, Westman lined the model’s waterline with Chanel’s Stylo Yeux Waterproof in Noir Intense and then loaded on numerous coats of Westman Atelier’s Eye Love You Mascara. Restraint on the eye is key: With a lip this dark and dramatic, an inky waterline and thick lashes is all you need.

The pièce de résistance came with a secret. Westman started by applying the second red shade from Westman Atelier’s Lip Suede compact, then gave it can’t-look-away depth by mixing in a swipe of the same black eyeliner used on the waterline. “It sounds weird and intimidating, but it’s not actually that hard,” Westman says. “I put the red lipstick on first, then used my finger to pat a little eyeliner onto the lip, then added a little more lipstick.” Keep blending with your finger or a brush until you reach the right depth, she says. A thin coat of clear gloss finished the lip. “I love the simplicity of a glossy, dark lip,” Westman says.

To see the previous installments of Gucci’s four-part residency, explore below:

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Tsheca White photographed in New York by Heather Hazzan. Written by Lexy Lebsack.

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