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The Secret Behind The Glowing Makeup At Rose Inc’s Summer Shoot

It’s been nearly five years since Rosie Huntington-Whiteley broke the Hunza G site after she shared selfies in their Domino one-piece style swimsuit in Blush from a beach in Italy. Rosie has been a fan of the swimsuits long before the viral moment in 2019, so it’s only natural that Rose Inc is now collaborating with the elegant, heritage swimwear brand known for their use of top-of-the-line lycra. 

For this exciting collaboration, Rosie worked closely with Hunza G’s Georgina Huddart to design limited edition suits, with matching scrunchies, that come in three colors–Metallic Pearl, Rosewood and Spice– and three styles– “Christy,” a classic one-piece, “Iman,” a bikini, and “Yasmeen,” a single shoulder one-piece. Each piece is inspired by Rose Inc’s color palette and pairs nicely with our made-for-the-summer products, such as our pigment-rich Solar Bronzers & Highlighters. 

In honor of this collaboration launching June 6, we are taking a behind the scenes look into the campaign shoot, shot in Ibiza, with makeup artist Bea Sweet. Sweet breaks down the key products used, application techniques and more, below, to help you achieve a next level glow– while wearing your Hunza G x Rose Inc suit– just in time for summer.

"I wanted the girls to look like they were sun kissed, glowing and wearing colors that emphasized their natural beauty.”